‘A man at the top of his game’ – Interview

Nice piece in my hometown paper, the Eastern Daily Press, by Derek James. My mum would have loved this…

Norfolk author Stephen Carver is a man at the top of his game.

Some say you can’t stick your arm out in the street in Norwich without knocking over a writer. Derek James talks to one of them about his latest book… and becoming an author.

Authors. People of all ages and from all walks of life brought together by a passion for words and storytelling and many are inspired by the City of Norwich and the County of Norfolk.

We have more than most in our midst probably thanks to the University of East Anglia and because it is such a lovely place to live. Many people come here as students and then just never leave.

Norwich is a UNESCO’s first designated City of Literature, home to the UEA’s trailblazing and prestigious School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing…and the birthplace of ‘creative writing’ as an academic discipline (and nowadays a massive teaching industry).

Then there are ‘local’ boys and girls who have turned to writing and continue to produce books for the rest of us to enjoy. Fact or fiction.

One of them who has just written a fascinating and important new book called The Author Who Outsold Dickens: The Life & Work of W.H. Ainsworth is Dr Stephen Carver.

He is a glowing example of a local author at the top of his game, writing, editing and helping, advising and mentoring others…

To read the full article, please click here – Ta! 🙂


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