New Blog Project

I’m launching a new blog today called Tales from a Rat Biker. This is a project that’s very close to my heart and long overdue. Lockdown has given me the time to actually do it. This isn’t a blog about mechanics, or a particular brand. It’s more of a lifestyle/cultural history project, with articles on motorcycle history, racing, fashion, clubs and subcultures; also reviews of books, films, documentaries, and TV dramas. They’ll also be a life writing component, with some autobiographical content. I’m hoping I can also get other riders to contribute anecdotes, memoirs and photographs. This is a continuation of my work as a writer and historian, although not intended to be in anyway academic. It’s much more personal.

This project will run alongside my other work as an author and creative writing mentor, and my other blogs on writing and the gothic. I continue to write literary history for Wordsworth Editions and Morton Books, and 19th century history for Pen & Sword and Inside History. I also hope to write another novel after I complete The Opium Eaters for Morton.

If you’re a biker who would like to contribute to the new blog, please get in touch. Also, to all my followers, friends and family, please take a look at ‘The Biker Professor’ and like and share content to help me get this thing off the ground.

With thanks for your continued support.


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