Biography of a Crime Novelist – Review by Stephen Basdeo

Extract of a review on The Author Who Outsold Dickens by Dr Stephen Basdeo

Ainsworth has always been a favourite of mine. Carver’s very readable book enabled me to get to know him a little better — so often when we read a novel we have no idea of the life of the author behind the book!

Yet this is not just a biography: Carver’s book is titled The Life and Work and his book functions both as a biography and, due to Carver’s analysis of Ainsworth’s novels, a companion to the many novels which Ainsworth published throughout his life.

This book is an excellent buy for any general reader who wishes to find out about the life of a famous forgotten Victorian novelist and I wish it had been around when I was doing my MA thesis, for the book will be very useful to students as well.

To read the full review, please click here – Thank you.

To buy the book, please click here (Publisher), or here (Amazon) – Cheers! 🙂

For more on Ainsworth, please see my recent piece for History Hit

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