My Alopecia Story

This is something else about me, which I hope you don’t mind. I am actually writing something about literary agents right now, so watch this space. More creative writing tips coming, I promise. Anyway, I don’t normally go on about this, but I do have several auto-immune problems, a by-product of which is Alopecia Universalis. This is why I look the way I do; it isn’t some sort of fashion statement. In fact, a couple of years back I looked like this:

Rachael & Stephen Carver

Anyway, as part of a campaign to raise awareness, and also to share information and support others coming to terms with the condition, Amy Johnson, the Communications and Fundraising Manager at the very wonderful Alopecia UK, asked me to contribute my story to their website. People seem to like it, so here it is…

I had bald patches in my beard for two or three years, but I wrongly ascribed them to previous laser treatment and ignored them. As I preferred to be clean-shaven anyway, they didn’t cause me many problems. In the autumn of 2013, I started to get terrible allergy flair-ups, accompanied by infections I couldn’t fight off. After three courses of antibiotics in a row, my wife noticed a coin-sized bald patch on the back of my head. It grew back by Christmas but early in 2014, after another round of antibiotics, my hair started to fall out in handfuls. In just a month, the hair on my head was pretty much gone and by the summer of 2014 my entire body was as smooth as an unfinished waxwork and my nails were as thin as paper.

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